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Lisbon: 9 great places for foodies

When Hotelplan asked me to do a trip to Lisbon and capture impressions of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, I was immediately in for the offer. Lisbon has been on my bucket list for long. It is not only known for its rich history, but also for the many culinary treats, on which I want to focus in this blog post. Together with my good friend Richie (richiehug.comwe tried to try various places in the city next to the river Tejo. Below you will find a list with restaurants and cafes which Richie and I personally liked and would definitely recommend.



*the list does not have a specific order*

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Mrauk U - Travel Tips

Mrauk U is another stunning ancient city in Myanmar. Mrauk U was once the capital of a mighty Arakanese kingdom from the 15th-18th century. Left from this kingdom in the Rakhine State of Myanmar are about 700 pagodas and temples. Hmm, hundreds of pagodas and temples, isn't there another famous place like that in Myanmar? Yup, Bagan! However, there are many differences between them, which makes them both unique and worth a visit.

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Printrbook Review - Instagram Photobook

Printrbook's representative Claire sent me a message a few weeks ago, asking me to review their product on my blog. In return they would send me one photobook for free. Since I was interested in their product, as I really like the idea, I agreed to do so.

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Overstay Your Myanmar Visa

With a tourist visa you are allowed to stay for 28 days in Myanmar. Most people, who have the time and money, would like to stay longer. So what do you need to do if you are already in the country and want to extend your travels in this magnificent country? Well, actually nothing. You will have nothing to worry about - until you departure. Okay, let's get a bit more detailed here.

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8 great places for food and coffee in Naples (Napoli)

Where to eat in Napoli (Naples) is a hard decision. There are so many great places to fill your belly. So many, that you will quite easily eat too much, at least that is what I did everyday while in Napoli. Let me show you some places that are definitely worth a try. They are all in the area of the historic centre. Therefore perfect to combine with the sights you want to visit. I am sure you will not be disappointed by the food.

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