Kanchanaburi is a nice city in Thailand, between Bangkok and the border to Myanmar. I would recommend you to stay here for two nights if you plan to cross the border to Myanmar at Phu Nam Ron/Htee Kee, it is worth it.

Kanchanaburi offers interesting historical sights from WWII. Additionally you will find several offers for daytrips from Kanchanaburi. Especially for backpackers the best places to sleep, eat and drink are usually on the Mae Nam Kwae Road. This road goes along the riverside, therefore some guesthouses and bars offer a direct seaview (best for sunsets!).

how to get there

Kanchanaburi is about 144 km (89 miles) away from Bangkok. The fastest option is with the taxi, which takes about 2 hours. However it is cheaper with the train or bus, which both take about 3 hours. The bus departs daily at several times from the Southern Bus Terminal. The Southern Bus Terminal is outside of the city. To get there either take a local bus or a taxi (with taxometer!), tuktuks are more expensive.


what to do

Kanchanaburi itself offers several interesting historical sights from the WWII. Mainly because of the Thailand-Burma Railway, also called the Death Railway. So if you are interested in that you can for example visit the Thailand-Burma Railway Center or take a train ride through the 'Hellfire Pass'.


Furthermore Kanchanaburi is a great base for daytrips. There are two trips I would recommend you.

  1. ElephantsWorld, a sanctuary  for sick, old, disabled, abused and rescued elephants, who will receive the rest and joy that they deserve.
    Near to Kanchanaburi (and also all over Thailand) you can also find several trekking camps or parks where they ride elephants. PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE! The elephants are being abused at such places. Please watch the video I made about ElephantsWorld to get a better insight.
  2. Erawan National Park. This national park is popular generally because of its waterfalls. It is beautiful with its seven tiers and a great way to escape the heat (except for the a bit exhausting way up). But as it is popular, expect a lot of other tourists. Generally you can say, the higher you go, the less tourists there will be, because not all of them are willing to walk up to the highest tier.

where i stayed


My nights in Kanchanaburi I spent in the VN Guesthouse. I can definitely recommend it. It is located on the riverside and you can see the wonderful sunset from the restaurant. The atmosphere is very relaxing as well. If you want you can even stay on the floating house.

(By the way, the mosquito net was my own, there was none available)


You can find all the necessary information like prices, booking information and more on their website: www.vnguesthouse.net

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