Hidden Tizit Beach near Dawei

Tizit is an amazing beach in the South of Myanmar. I call it the hidden beach, just because how we got there was already a great experience. So far you will not find any information about this place anywhere except for a few other travel blogs. I heard about this place when I asked at the reception of my guesthouse if they knew of any beautiful beaches.

At Tizit you will encounter a long, calm and (so far) untouched beach with a small fishermen village on the right hand side.

Sadly this might change soon, since I saw that they started building some kind of resort there.

how to get there

To reach Tizit from Dawei you can either rent a motorbike or get there with a tuktuk. I met a big group from Spain and I was exploring the beaches with them. We therefore decided to take the tuktuk, since some were not used to driving a bike and the person at the guesthouse told us it is a dangerous road to drive (it is not).


If you decide to take a tuktuk, be sure that the driver knows the direction since not a lot do. Otherwise if the driver does not know the way or if you go by bike, here are the directions:


Drive to Launglon on the mainroad. From there continue on the main road. After about 6 km (3.7 miles) turn right (there should be a sign saying 'Tizit Beach'). Continue on this path for another 7 - 9 km (4.3 - 5.5 miles) and you will already find yourself in front of the sea.


NOTE: During high tide the way gets cut-off at some point. Leave your bike there. If you came by tuktuk tell the driver when he should come to pick you up.  Then cross the water which takes about 15-20mins. Continue straight and you will get to the beach. Watch the video below to get an idea of how it looks like. Oh, be sure to take a waterproof bag with you, otherwise you risk that your belongings get wet, otherwise leave your valuable possesions at your guesthouse.


where to eat and drink

When I was there we did not find any place to eat. There is only a small shop in the village where you can get something to drink and snacks. Therefore I would recommend you to either take something with you or go back to Launglon and eat something there.

what to do

Well, whatever you do at a beach. Read a book, swim, play football or cards.

You can also visit the village and interact with the people.


NOTE: Please keep in mind that you are at a very remote place in Myanmar. Behave accordingly.

Girls, if you visit the village, at least take something with you to cover your body for example with your towel. If you go swimming please do not do it in front of the village. The beach is long enough.


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