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Printrbook's representative Claire sent me a message a few weeks ago, asking me to review their product on my blog. In return they would send me one photobook for free. Since I was interested in their product, as I really like the idea, I agreed to do so.

What is Printrbook?

Printrbook refers to itself as 'the simplest way to print photobooks of your Instagram or Facebook photos'. And that is basically exactly all they do. So, if you always wanted to have your own Instagram feed or Facebook pictures in a physical form instead of only in a virtual, this product might exactly be what you were looking for.

How does it work?

The process of ordering and creating is fairly easy and well-explained on the website (

A quick summary in three steps:


Step 1: Basically, you connect your Instagram/Facebook account via Printrbook's website. That way you can access your account's pictures and start choosing which you would like to add to your photobook. You can create a photobook of 25 or 50 pictures.

Step 2: After selecting your desired photos, you can continue to choose some printing options and therefore customize the photobook. For example, you can add the captions of your posts.

Step 3: Now review your creation and if you are happy, order it. Done!

My personal review


  • The whole process of creating and ordering is very simple. I compared it to some competitors and in my opinion Printrbook is definitely easier to handle than its competitors.
  • Low price! For already around USD 16.00 you get a photobook of your favorite Facebook or Instagram pictures. I checked out the first four competitors that came up in my Google search for the keyword 'instagram photobook' and all of them were more expensive than Printrbook.
  • Free shipping worldwide. In addition to the low price, Printrbook even sends you the product without any additional charges for shipping.


  • Limited customizing options. There were a few things that I would have loved to change, like edit the captions of my Instagram pictures. It would be possible, but to do that you would need to edit the captions in Instagram or Facebook. Furthermore, if one of your captions is too long, it just gets cut. So be careful with that and check it when you look at your preview.
  • Resolution of the pictures. The quality of the printed pictures is not that awesome. It is okay. According to Printrbook this has mainly to do with Instagram itself, as the pictures uploaded to the app are being stored in a low resolution. Therefore, I can not blame Printrbook for that. However, I still want you to be aware of it before ordering.


Would I recommend this product to others? Yes and No.


If you want to have great picture quality and additional options to customize, then Printrbook is not for you. However, if you are searching for a simple and low-priced photobook to have your Instagram photos and memories in a physical form, then Printrbook is definitely the right choice.




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